Friday, February 03, 2006

The past week in review and Weekend Recommendation

So far I have refrained from posting anything personal, this past week was too bizarre/interesting not to share.

Incident One

I meet Miss Gorgeous at a friend's party on Jan 21st. Start talking to her at around 11pm. And it goes on till 2:30am. The connection was too good to be true. The same love for classic movies, the liking for jazz, the same classic sense of style. By the end we were completing each other's sentences. I almost had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. We were the last leave the party. No, we did not leave together. But I did get her number.

The next morning I wake up beaming like a child on Christmas day. But all this was short lived. It turns out Miss Gorgeous had given me a wrong number. Why God? Why?

Oh well...the story of my life !

Incident Two

Wednesday I wore a lavenderish-pink sweater to work. (Stop it! You have to be man enough to wear pink!). That day evening, a random hot woman stops by my room at work and pays me a big compliment about my sweater. I have never met her. Except for the few times we passed each other in the hallway. The weird part was she even knew my name.

Ya, I know.

Incident Three

I get a call out of the blue to make a trip to NY for a business meeting. I am not going to go into the details. As I was sitting in a room with around ten people, making this presentation I get that feeling inside "I was born to do this".

Now THAT felt really good.

Incident Four

A good friend of mine calls me up after 4-5 months. We used to talk more often. But she started dating someone and everything else stopped. And it required a breakup for her to call me. I am ok with that. Because all of us have been guilty of this at some point. I am glad to be of help to her.

The weird part is that it is very uncanny how nearly all of my friends reach out to me during the disasters of their hearts.

So all in all it made for a very eventful few days. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Weekend Recommendation

In Her Shoes (2005)

I added this to my netflix queue on a whim as I was browsing 'New Releases'. And I would like to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how charming this movie was.

It is the story of two sisters. Cameron Diaz plays the spunky getting-drunk-sex-in-the-bathroom sister. While Toni Colette plays the plain jane successful sibling. Sounds like a over-used plot, right ?

It is indeed so. But this movie is evidence that in the hands of a good director even the simplest of plotlines can produce standout movies. Curtis Hanson ("8 Mile" , "LA Confidential") does a superlative job of ensuring that the movie doesn't walk the cliched lines (pun intended).

One of the best scenes in the movie, is when a blind professor gets the slightly dyslexic Diaz to read a beautiful poem by Elizabeth Bishop and explain what it means. The beautiful way in which he prods and coaxes Diaz into doing this, goes to show the amount of skill and patience required for teaching.

Most people would be quick to label this as a chick flick. Well, if having two female leads makes a movie a chick flick, so be it. I, a heterosexual man, am glad to say that I really enjoyed this 'chick flick'.

Have a good weekend, y'all !

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Whinger said...

Perhaps you're a foul-weather friend. This is not a bad thing...just means you're very good in a crisis.