Friday, April 07, 2006

James Blunt at The Warfield Theatre, San Francisco

Yes, people. I was the James Blunt concert yesterday. And it was faaanntaaasstic !

But firstly I have a rant.

The concert announced time was 8pm. I understand these gigs are unlikely to start on time.

15 min delay ? Fine by me.

Then there will be an opening act.

30 mins ? Am cool with that.

But then out of nowhere there is this british band playing. It was mentioned nowhere on the program. Added to that their brand of funsy british pop is not exactly my favorite genre of music. So I am sitting there twiddling my thumbs for around 45 mins. NOT FUN !

Also they took their own sweet time setting up the stage each artist went off stage. Not cool!

Anyway back to the details of the concert.

The opening act was Sierra Swan. The 28-year old singer likes to classify herself as a 'gothic blues' singer. Her voice has that smoky sultriness which made Fiona Apple so dear to us. They also share the similarity of piano-based vocals.

I was incredibly impressed by her vocal range and as well as the different shades of her music. Her CD is going to be out later this month. And her music is currently available on iTunes. You can listen to few of her songs on her website. My favorite is 'Ladder'.

Now about the actual show...

It was bloody good. But not as fabulous as the Michael Buble concert. (It is tough to beat the charm of a jazz concert. )

They played the songs from his debut album. In addition they also played a couple of new songs. The guy on the drums just hit it out of the park. He did a few riffs which were absolutely spectacular.

James Blunt's rendition of "Goodbye My Lover" (my favorite song) was incredibly touching. (Of course a few idiotic women had to scream all over it. Attention whores).

Apart from the keeping-me-waiting part, the concert was wonderful. I had swell time.

On a side note, if Sierra Swan is in town, sign me up.

My rating : 4 out of 5

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Kyahgirl said...

Hi Devil. Just checking in on you. Haven't seen you around for awhile.

I'm getting to be old and miserable, don't go to live bands anymore because they invariably dissappoint me. The crowd, the pot, the noise, lousy acoustics, whatever.