Monday, August 14, 2006

A Moment of Silence...

I have quite a few reviews lying in my drafts. I will post them later this week.

But today all I can think of is that, now it is August 15th in India.

For most Indians, August 15th is the day when India gained independence. The day when the courage of so many men and women finally came to fruition. Their tireless struggles are the reason why we are able to enjoy our freedom.

But for me, August 15th just reminds me of the greatest tragedy I have faced todate.

It was the day when I lost two of my good friends to an unfortunate accident. Even though many years have passed, the incidents of that day and beyond are still fresh in my mind. That rainy night, hearing that news, the ambulance, the tears are all part of my memories of August 15th.

Wherever you are, all I have to say is, we miss you...

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