Saturday, September 02, 2006

Far Away....

I am in a distant land
Far from the place I call home
Away from the shade of my parents' love
My friends' laughter too seems so far away

The times I rested my head on my mother's lap
Seems so so long ago..
The taste of the simple food she makes
Is also starting to fade away

Fear of my dad when I was young
And the rebellious ways of adolscence
All were just a few years ago
But now seems as if ages have passed

The smiles,the quarrels and the bad fights
The fun and laughter with my friends
The sharing of the good times and the bad uns'
Feels like decades ago

My home is where I long to be
My parents is whom I long to be with
My friends are the ones to share my life with
But...most things are easier said than done


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