Saturday, September 02, 2006

Will be fine...

In the deserts I wander endlessly
Watching the blazing sands of time slip away
The scorching winds of sorrow burn my skin
Consuming me in a pyre of loneliness

The canteen of friendship is running dry
Memories of past lands still linger on
The allure of an Oasis still drags me on
But alas it's just a mirage

The mind yearns to say a million words
But the dryness of my throat sucks them in
The heart longs to cry out aloud
But even tears have dried up within.

Why am I all alone
Wandering this ghastly land
Maybe I am just a proverbial outcast
In the prosperous Republic of Love

Maybe I am destined to walk all alone
Without an reassuring hand in mine
Maybe someone up above looked at me and said
"All alone but he will be fine"

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