Sunday, January 29, 2006

Airport Musings

I had to fly down to NY for a business meeting. 10 hrs inside a steel bird for a 2 hour meeting. I would have wriggled out of this if it was any other city. New York, is well New York !

But this post is not about New York. It is about my love for airports. Why you might ask? Well, it must surely stem from my insane liking for people watching. Also in many ways airports are like movies - very good ones at that.

Nothing is more engaging than watching a kid explore the terminal

Nothing is more romantic than observing an old couple taking care of each other as if it was still the first date.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than watching a goodbye hug.

Nothing is more endearing than seeing a welcoming hug

And of course...Nothing is more funnier than the prices at the airport stands. Is homeland security paying attention to this? I guess not.

PS : I don't love airports that much when they announce 3 hour delays.

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