Thursday, January 19, 2006

Breakthrough - Mary J Blige

Well, I haven't listened to the whole album yet (except for miniscule previews on iTunes). But I downloaded one of the songs of MSN Music (Yeah, I use em'. iTunes' thinks its songs are too good to be played on mp3 players other than the iPod. They can eat dirt. I love me my Zen Micro, thankyouvurrrrymuch).

Oh..where was I? Ah...the new Mary J Blige album. The song I dowloaded was "Be without you". And I think I have played it umpteen times since then.

The song is pure R&B at its very best. It is poetic and heartbreaking. For me R&B has always been the genre which expresses heartache the best. Maybe it is the slow beats in the background, maybe it is the lovely use of the piano or maybe its MJB's powerful vocals. Whatever it is, the song leaves us without a doubt about the tragedies of the heart.

I will add the review of the rest of the songs once I get my hands on the CD.

Till then, smile and be good.

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