Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My 'Pick of the Flicks of 2005


Absolutely rivetting. Very few movies of the year with a really well written and thought out script, which demanded the audience to stay focussed. Captures the dynamics of middle-east politics without taking sides or building an agenda.

Good night and Good luck

Captures a key period in history without any frills and fancy. In a time of fluctuating ethics and commitment, this movie was so relevant. But sadly, very few people paid any attention to it. George Clooney proves he can don the director's hat the same way he wore the white coat in ER. Hats off !


For me, this movie was all about the performance of Claire Danes. Radiant, funny, poignant - all these adjectives can be used to describe her work. But I just chose one - brilliant !

Me, You and Everyone We Know

Romantic comedies need not always be about the really beautiful and accomplished people. It can about the quirky individuals amongst us. The multi talented Miranda July is definitely someone to look out for.


There have been many movies about the "meeting the parents" thingy. But very few have done it as well as this. Amy Adams' portrayal of 'Ashley' has to be one of the standout performances of 2005.

Wedding Crashers

One of those movies where you could never stop laughin. Everyone could use a buddy movie like this from time to time. Vince Vaughn seems to get more brilliant with every movie. Maybe Jennifer Aniston is teaching him a thing or two. :)

Lord of War

In a movie about an inscrupulous arms dealer it very easy to do one of these two things. Either get too preachy or glorify the arms dealer lifestyle. And that is where this movie stands apart. It does neither. The memorable quips and humorous moments in the darkest situations, is reminescent of Catch-22. Probably the reason why the movie really worked for me.

Batman Begins

The caped crusader has to be one of the most complex characters of the superhero pack. A superhero without superpowers. Almost an oxymoron, right ? Chris Nolan is content to let the human side take the centerstage and the superhero be the side show. The movie is more about Bruce Wayne rather than Batman. And in Christian Bale, Nolan has an actor who can portray that unique blend of strength, vulnerability, anger and guilt almost effortlessly.

King Kong

What can I say ? Absolutely spectacular ! Some people may crib about the excesive computer graphics. But for me it made King Kong and Skull Island more real that ever before. Peter Jackson's talent for painting huge canvases comes to the fore yet again. And have Naomi Watts in it was an added bonus :)

Chicken Little

There were other movies which would have fitted in the top . But my top 10 list of movies without an animated lfick in it wouldn't be ....well, me ! Wallace and Gromit was good. But I liked this better. It is tough to beat a chicken wearing glasses doing the 'running man' :)

There were a few movies I didn't see which would have probably made the list. They include Capote, Brokeback Mountain, Walk the Line and The Squid and the Whale. I plan to see them and you can expect reviews on them soon.

Some other movies of I really enjoyed this year include Sin City, March of the Penguins, Mad Hot Ballroom, Murderball and Hustle and Flow

My Oscar picks

Best Actor - Philip Seymour Hoffman
Best Actress - Claire Danes (very unlikely. Am hoping she would do a Mira Sorvino)
Best Supporting Actor - George Clooney
Best Supporting Actress - Amy Adams
Best Director - Woody Allen
Best Movie - Syriana

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