Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Extraordinary Machine - Fiona Apple

We thought it would never come. Maybe she was abducted by aliens. Maybe she got married, bought a Volvo dealership, moved to the suburbs and became a soccer-mom. But the wait is over people. Fiona Apple is back with a new CD. And her voice as smoky and smouldering as ever.

The title track 'Extraordinary Machine' has a very playful nature about it. The music gives me a old school Disney movie feel. My favorite track is Get Him Back. The piano seems to just to sway along with Ms Apple's effortless singing.

"O' Sailor is the song which showcases her voice the best. And it also has that touch of sadness and a hint of anger too. "Tymps " is such a fun song. You almost feel like clapping along with it. Maybe even do a little jig.

All in all, it was a CD worth the wait. In a time when too many musicians seem to be thriving on gimmicks, it is good to know there are still artists around who don't need anything more than their music.

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